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GLCM Test, Training, and Misc – NEW

    GLCM Test, Training, and Misc
    GLCM Test, Training, and Misc. This album presents all the patches and emblems not directly attributed to any one of the six GLCM wings. Perhaps foremost among these are the patches from GLCM’s “Schoolhouse” at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, where all GLCM warriors received training. Initially, this was the 868th Tactical Missile Training Squadron (868 TMTS), but as the training operation matured, the 868th Tactical Missile Training Group was formed (868 TMTG), as was the 868th Tactical Missile Maintenance Squadron (868 TMMS), and both the 868 TMTS and 868 TMMS were placed under the 868 TMTG. The 868 TMTG trained not only operations crews and maintenance teams, but also the security forces that protected GLCM resources. Some of the most interesting GLCM patches are the morale patches that were created by both military personnel and civilian contractors who worked at the GLCM bases, but there are also patches from the munitions squadrons, postal squadron, factories, national labs, and test organizations that developed and tested the weapons system and supported the GLCM mission.
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