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Miriam Neel

Air Training Command – Instructor

    Approved by the CSAF, Gen John P. McConnell, on 11 December 1967 for ATC instructors assigned primary duty in formal training (instructor certification and/or AFSC prefix). Some instructors wore this patch on their uniform. Although the central charge is based on the design for the ATC emblem, for some reason the color silver has been used in lieu of gold.

    Air Training Command – Master Instructor (Style A)

      This badge designated instructors who had met more demanding requirements and generally indicated more experience and expertise. Specific criteria for award are unknown, but are believed to be similar, if not identical, to that for the AETC Master Instructor award.

      Duty Identifiers

        Although at first glance the images in this album may appear to be pen pocket patches (PPPs), these are much larger than those, and worn on the square loop patch on the shoulder (top of sleeve). Also, unlike some PPPs that contain art, these patches display only numbers and/or letters. There is a wide variety of these, but to qualify for inclusion in this gallery the patch must relate to missiles. Most duty patches worn in the Air Force missile community are in the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), and two versions in that pattern are known to exist (e.g., see the ICBM patch). According to The Institute of Heraldry, the only appropriate OCP colors are spicebrown, bagby green, olive drab, and black. A few duty Identifier patches first appeared in the mid-2000s, but most came on the scene in the late 2010s shortly after the OCP color scheme was introduced in 2018. The patches are presented here in numerical/alphabetical order.

        6th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC)

          [1 Feb 1959 – 15 Dec 1964], Suffolk County AFB, NY.* DESCRIPTION: On a disc of light blue sky, a formation of three AF golden yellow stars in sinister chief between two red stylized aircraft flying fesswise in chief leaving white vapor trails to sinister chief and two white missiles pointing upward and intercepting the aircraft, leaving wide AF blue, red, and white trails arched to sinister; issuing from base and surmounting the lower missile trail a silhouetted skyline of tall buildings AF blue, windows indicated AF golden yellow. SIGNIFICANCE: The skyline at night indicates the large metropolitan area over which the missile squadron stands guard. The two skyward-bound missiles and the two aircraft represent the mission of the unit to seek, intercept, and destroy. The sky and stars symbolize the vast area over which this unit stands eternal vigilance. APPROVED: 16 June 1960 COMMENTARY: *The actual location of the missile complex was a few miles outside the gate of Suffolk County AFB.