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    Missile & Combat Crew Badges
    The embroidered “pocket rocket” has come in many sizes, shapes, and colors over the decades since first established in the late 1950s. Some viewers may be surprised to see that the shape wasn’t always in the form of an hourglass! Others may be learning that there were missile badges on name tags way back in the days when the uniform was fatigues. And the wide array of background material upon which the pocket rocket has been embroidered in more recent years is almost dizzying. Readers interested in learning more about the development and design of the missile badge should order the booklet on the topic that is offered by AAFM for a nominal donation. And finally, the Combat Crew Badge, of which only a few types were made--not always of the highest quality either--rounds out this album. The Combat Crew Badge was established by the USAF on 1 September 1964. It was worn by personnel serving in positions in which they were accruing creditable service towards award of the Combat Readiness Medal. Because it was a qualification badge, it was not a permanent award and could only be worn while the member was serving in certain specific positions, primarily EWO-certified aircrew and missile crew duty. The badge was worn on the wearer’s right side above the name tag. The Air Force eliminated the Combat Crew Badge from wear in August 1993. It survived the demise of Strategic Air Command--its most ardent promoter--but only by little more than a year.
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