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Davis-Monthan AFB-NEW

    Davis-Monthan AFB
    390th Strategic Missile Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Davis-Monthan (D-M) was selected in 1960 to support the first of three Titan II missile wings, and the first such wing was organized there on the first day of 1962. The 390 SMW had two tactical squadrons, the 570 and 571 SMS, each equipped with nine LGM-25C Titan II missiles. The silos and launch control facilities for these were scattered across the plains surrounding the support base. The wing’s first missile arrived on 27 November 1962 and the final missile was placed on alert on 30 November 1963. Competing in SAC's first missile competition, Project Curtain Raiser, in 1967, the 390th won the first "best crew" trophy. In subsequent competitions, the 390th was named the best Titan II wing in the Air Force in 1969, 1970, 1974 and 1977. In 1979, the wing was awarded the coveted Blanchard Trophy as the best of the nine ICBM wings in SAC. Of note, D-M was the only Titan base that never suffered a major accident involving its Titan II missiles. Nevertheless, in October 1981, President Reagan announced that as part of the modernization of strategic forces the Titan II missiles were to be retired by 1 October 1987. Site deactivation began at D-M on 1 October 1982. The missiles were removed and shipped to Norton AFB where they were refurbished and stored for future use as space launch vehicles. Demolition of launch facilities began at missile complex 570-7 on 30 November 1983. In May the last Titan II at D-M was removed from alert status, and at the end of July 1984 the Air Force inactivated the 390 SMW. One launch complex was retained rather than destroyed and today is serves as a museum and tourist attraction near Tucson.
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