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Hahn AB, Germany – NEW

    Hahn AB, Germany
    Tactical operations at Hahn AB began with the arrival of the 69th Pilotless Bomber Squadron in 1954, later redesignated the 69th Tactical Missile Squadron (TMS). In 1958, the 69 TMS was replaced by the 405 TMS, and in 1962 the 89 TMS joined it until Mace missile operations at the base were ended in 1966. The 69th was initially attached to the 50th Fighter-Bomber Wing, but beginning in 1956 a number of different missile groups and wings supported Matador and Mace operations at Hahn. Additionally, units in the redesignated 50th Tactical Fighter Wing also provided support services for the missileers at the base. These are the patches and emblems that represented all of these various organizations.
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