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Joint – NEW

    With the exception of the first four patches shown, all the patches in this album are from either the United States Space Command during its first active period (1985-2002) or United States Strategic Command (1992-present). In 2002, USSPACECOM was merged into USSTRATCOM. USSPACECOM was reactivated in 2019 with a new mission, but so far as can be determined, no missileers are assigned to it, so none of its patches are presented here. Viewers will note that some of the USSTRATCOM patches are for Task Force 214. This Task Force is the STRATCOM designation for Twentieth Air Force, an organization that basically has two bosses (the other being Air Force Global Strike Command). The STRATCOM-related patches are found here, and the AFGSC-related patches are contained in the NAFs album.
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