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    Here, you will find the missile-related emblems approved for weather organizations, the Air Force Communications Service (including its predecessors and successors), the Air Force Personnel Center (and its predecessors), the Air Force Security Forces Center, the On-Site Inspection Agency (OSIA), and last, but certainly not least, the U.S. Flag. Generally speaking, the organizations are listed in alphabetical order, with subordinate, numerically designated units immediately following (e.g. numbered units follow their parent named organizations), so, for example, the image of the emblem for the Airways and Air Communications Service comes after of the 31st Weather Squadron. In the interest of full disclosure, the communications service/command images came real close to being placed in the MAJCOMs album of Higher Headquarters because for many years the DMCCC-Airborne who provided the co-op key turn for the ALCS aboard the SAC, and later the STRATCOM, Airborne Command Post was the communications officer on the aircraft, an individual assigned to the Air Force Communications Service, and later, Air Force Communications Command--so because that person was a key individual, literally, involved in the process of launching up to 1,000 ICBMs, it was difficult to classify him, and therefore the command to which he was assigned, as “non-combatant.” But the handful of individuals assigned to that position, probably less than .001 percent of all personnel assigned to AFCS/AFCC, just did not warrant calling that organization a combatant command--so all of those comm patches are in this album.
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