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Osan AB, South Korea – NEW

    Osan AB, South Korea
    In 1958, the 310th Fighter-Bomber Squadron traded in its F-86 Sabre jets for TM-61 Matador missiles and was redesignated the 310th Tactical Missile Squadron. This was the tactical unit of the 58th Tactical Missile Group at Osan. Support was provided by the 6314th Air Base Group (later, 6314th Support Wing) and its component squadrons. As the 498 TMG on Okinawa became operational with the longer-range Mace missiles, the need for nuclear-tipped cruise missiles in South Korea ended and both the squadron and group were inactivated on 25 March 1962. Many patches made in South Korea during the late 1950s and early 1960s had distinctive black-felt edges cut with pinking shears, as can be seen on a number of the patches pictured in this album.
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