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Sembach AB, Germany – NEW

    Sembach AB, Germany
    The 11th Tactical Missile Squadron arrived at this base in 1956. Two years later, it was redesignated as the 822 TMS. This squadron was comprised of three flights: “A” Flight, “B” Flight, and “C” Flight. In 1962, when Mace missiles replaced the unit’s Matadors, two additional squadrons were activated at Sembach. The 823 TMS was formed from the 822d’s “B” Flight, and the 887 TMS was created from the 822d’s “C” Flight. A couple of patches from the 822d are shown here, but the 823d and 887th apparently never made any patches. Unlike their companion missile units at Bitburg and Hahn, those at Sembach did not have to reply on flying wings for their support. Shortly after the 11 TMS arrived, the 587 TMG was activated, and its component squadrons were all that was needed to get the job done. A short time later, the 38 TMW was activated to provide everything needed to ensure the mission was accomplished. This album also contains several patches from the 601st Tactical Control Squadron that used the MSQ radar to guide Matador missiles to their targets. The services of this unit, and the MSQ, were not unique to Sembach; they served all Germany -based Matador units. What is unique to Sembach is the patch for the MSB-57, which has an interesting story!
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