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Training Organizations (except Matador/Mace/Gryphon)-NEW

    Training Organizations (except Matador/Mace/Gryphon)
    Training patches and emblems related to the Air Force’s three different types of ground-launched cruise missiles are presented together with the combat and support insignia of those organizations in their respective albums elsewhere in this gallery. Most everything else training related will be found here. Scores of organizations at dozens of bases are represented in this album. Because of their names, Air Training Command, and its successor Air Education and Training Command, are here of course, but there are also organizations from SAC, ACC, and the Defense Nuclear Agency and its follow-on entities. The units that actually performed the training over the decades were many and varied, and their emblems provide an impressive array of colors and designs that rivaled operational insignia. Sadly, the same cannot be said today for the OCP patches of the few remaining training organizations that conduct missile-related training. But at least the Air Force still permits the wear of organizational emblems on the uniforms worn by most missileers. Let’s hope it remains that way! To facilitate quickly locating a particular patch, named organizations are presented first, in alphabetical order, followed by numbered organizations in numerical order. This means the chronological sequence may not be correct for a particular organization’s emblems, but it will be close.
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