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Undergraduate Space and Missile Training (USMT)-NEW

    Undergraduate Space and Missile Training (USMT)
    The USMT program was established circa 1994 to become the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)-awarding course for all new 13S officers, regardless of which operational track (space or missile) they were assigned. The 10-week course provided an overview of the space environment, orbital mechanics, and space and missile operations, and was organized so that different system experts taught students in the areas in which they had the most experience. Beginning with USMT Class 95-21, on 20 October 1995 graduates were allowed to choose their first duty assignment, based on their class standings as determined by academic performance and instructor reviews. In 2000, USMT was replaced by Officer Space Prerequisite Training (OSPT). If patches were made before Class 97-03, they have not yet surfaced in a public forum.
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