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Unofficial – NEW

    Well, as far as the USAF organization that approves emblems is concerned anyway. The U.S. Marshals who wore the “Missile Escort” patches on their uniforms would certainly argue the point. Without a doubt, the most popular and widely seen patch in this album is the one asking, simply, “Got Nukes?” This one started as an IQT patch in the 392 TRS and those 100 patches sold out almost before they were even delivered. One individual anticipated their popularity, bought 50 of them, snipped off the rocker with the class name and number, and sold them all in a New York minute! The image caught on quickly and other patches of the same design with various inscriptions were soon popping up all over the place--three or four of which are illustrated in this album, and others that can be linked to specific units appear in other albums in this gallery. Prior to this patch, the most popular was probably the assortment of SACastrated patches, which some inaccurately call the SACumcision patch. These patches graphically illustrate the cliché that a picture is more effective than a thousand words. Almost all of these morale patches have a backstory, so enjoy the read!
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