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Achievements and Qualifications

    Generally, the patches contained in this album are those that have been awarded to an individual for meeting specified criteria (e.g., master technician, combat ready, crew member excellence, Top of the Line); for performing duty in a special position (e.g., instructor, evaluator, crew commander, team chief, mission commander, SCP/ACP crew member, flight commander, unit commander); and/or for being singled out for special recognition for something particularly noteworthy (e.g., Outstanding Performer, Professional Excellence). This album also includes patches that accompanied awards to units, usually on an annual basis and often accompanied by a trophy (e.g., SAC Outstanding ICBM Maintenance; Outstanding AMMS, MMS, MIMS, SMS, etc.). In some cases, there is little distinction between an achievement patch and a commemorative patch, and the choice for placement was therefore not always an easy one, so if you don’t find the patch you’re looking for in this album, try the Commemorative album. With the exception of the outstanding unit patches, most patches with a year or date will be found there rather than here. MAJCOM-level patches are presented first, in the following order: ATC/AETC, AFSC, PACAF, USAFE, SAC, AFSPC, and AFGSC. Then patches from NAFs, and finally those from numbered organizations, presented in numerical order, but for those with the same number, patches will appear in chronological and/or hierarchical order rather than alphabetical order (e.g., patches from SMWs will come before patches from MWs, and a patch for the 564 MS Commander will come before the patch for the 564 MS ACP Crew). This seemed like the most logical way to sequence the patches.

    Air Training Command – Instructor

      Approved by the CSAF, Gen John P. McConnell, on 11 December 1967 for ATC instructors assigned primary duty in formal training (instructor certification and/or AFSC prefix). Some instructors wore this patch on their uniform. Although the central charge is based on the design for the ATC emblem, for some reason the color silver has been used in lieu of gold.