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    As the title suggests, patches in this album were made to commemorate a specific event or period, and are therefore presented chronologically, from earliest to latest, with the year listed first and specific date or dates listed in parentheses at the end of the caption. In some cases, there is little distinction between an achievement patch and a commemorative patch, and the choice for placement was therefore not always an easy one, so if you don’t find the patch you’re looking for in this album, try the Achievements & Qualifications album, but most patches displaying a year or date will be found here. Such patches include those for anniversaries, the Bicentennial, code changes, COVID-19, inspections, IOC attainment, special Titan II launches, and inactivation/mission complete. Notable exceptions are patches associated with a trophy award, most of which are contained in the Competitions album and the remainder of which are in the Achievements & Qualifications album.